Happy Hump Day homies… Took a little sabbatical to get a couple things in order, close a couple chapters and open a new one or two, mostly gain some clarity in this thing we call life. Anywho I wonder if you missed my words…? Yea, I missed you guys too. If not just hit your stumble button and continue on then… Dont mind us.. lol

So question… What song or artist can you press play on that instantly sets the mood to get it started when the lights go dim? I have a couple but most definitely Floetry “Getting Late” (see video below) is at the top of the lists of “GTD” (EBizz term not mine, I borrowed it) Playlist… The combination of Marsha’s vocals, and what was the other girl name, with her whispering lyrics hits the right mental stimulation. Thats why I love music, it can speak for you sometimes… I love those relationships where you dont even have to speak to each other because it just flows… Since i’ve been away for awhile, I’ll give you a Hump Day scenario free of charge (thank me later)

On one of these summer days actually preferably nights like this, turn the air down but keep the ceiling fans on so that its a little warm but not sweltering (not trying to have a heat stroke), you wanna get the blood flowing and get a lil hot. Turn off the lights but spark some candles it’ll make things a little more intimate and plus everyone looks better in candlelight… Make sure you have your playlist ready, on shuffle and constant loop, remember if the music stops or skips the whole hypnotic trance ya’ll in will probably fall apart. The right music keeps the world revolving and the mental stimulated. Lastly get a big bowl of ice and a bowl of fresh fruit. The ice to help keep each other cool. I’m sure that the two of you wont have problems finding each others warmest spots right? (if you do then you need more than a couple tips homie… and that’ll cost you!!!) Enjoy ya’ll day homies… Let me know how that works out for you… SideNote: #Hammas run this mutha…

B. Reason