First off let me say this post isn’t about Ms Badu to the left, I just thought it was a 1. a dope picture 2. A dope picture of a beautiful woman 3. She has a fro, for some reason I got a thing for women that can rock a fro. 4. The way she’s caressing the soundboard is so sexy… like she’s making love to the music… Music makes the world go round.

Goodie Mob – Beautiful Skin

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Secondly let me tell you how beautiful you are, especially if no one else has told you today (my good deed of the day). Now for a Monday it’s a pretty nice day, the sun is shining and its not a 100 plus degrees out. For me weather doesnt get much better than this, now if it holds up for a couple of days I might fire up the grill to test out a couple recipes (keyword “test” not promising my usual greatness). Getting back to the story at hand though, this is the weather that sundresses were made for and I love nothing more than to see a beautiful woman in one. “Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob (mp3 above) comes to mind, fellas visualize with me, ladies you can too if you’re into it,  seeing those perfectly oiled shoulders and arms, just the right amount of cleavage, plus the way the dress caresses the right parts of the body to let the imagination race about the curves beneath it, then falls at the ankle of freshly manicured toes… there must be a GOD somewhere, how could there not be. Do you know how hard it has to be for a woman to look unattractive in a sundress??? All thats required is the dress, sandals, and a smile… So since its lunch time and i’m still at the gig I raise a toast of Minute Maid Lemonade to an ungloomy monday, beautiful skin, possiblity of bbqing and sundresses. Sidenote: 1st lady to show up to the gig in a sundress and mentions this post gets a Lemonade… lol

B. Reason