Shout out to all the parents who kids started school today or this past week. To those whose start next week, don’t worry your time is coming. Especially to the little ones that start grade school for the very first time today. Since I’m just getting started in this parenting thing, I’m looking around at all these smiling adults that are sending kids off to school today and thinking this must be like some Parental Holiday? You guys have been dealing with super hyper kids all summer now you have a day to rest? Is that the special meaning? Not to mention those parents who kids start kindergarten which means no more weekly daycare cost, what you know bout that??? Let me know… lol So in honor of that let me hit you with a song from our childhood that always reminded me of school. “I Miss the Bus” by Kris Kross (video below) . Funny how time changes things, they wore their jeans super baggy and backwards, now kids are wearing them super duper skinny and off their ass. What can we say; we make dumb choices when we’re that age. Here goes my advice on that though, take plenty of pictures to embarrass them with later on life. Trust me, it will be stupid funny in 10 to 15 years to post on whatever social network they will have then. Thank me later. Side note: I got about 4 more years until I can partake in the celebration…sigh

B. Reason