Some say that money is the root of all evil, shittttt I say that the lack of money is the root of all evil. Let a person come up short on something and I best believe that they’ll find a way to make those ends meet. By any means necessary, be it evil or not. Case in point as I write this I’m watching 2 eight years old outside my office window doing an entire Michael Jackson dance routine for change from people walking by. I’m guessing so that they can either go half on a box of rice (st. louis hood shit), or some kicks out the sneaker shop up the street (they not dancing that damn hard for some kicks outta r-sole though). Which makes me think just the notion of being a “have not” will spark the hustler in most. Why is this you ask? For some it’s most likely out of desire to survive, others it’s most likely to keep up with The Joneses. More times than not these days we place a monetary value on things that we can’t take with us, or can’t love us back. I only say that because of a quote I read the other day that read “Never Love Something/Someone that can’t love you back”. This makes me think about some works of art that cost millions of dollars, most of it looks wack to me, but that’s because I wouldn’t buy it, but someone else would. Take a look at this OTIS video, what most would consider a $300,000 Maybach these two considered it a over materialized go-kart and proceeded to dismantle it completely and make it into a freaking mad max thunderdome vehicle, 4 model chicks barely secured in the backseat and wreaking havoc on a empty studio back lot…why you ask, for the hell of it most likely, to show that the things that you work so hard for to show off in front of others doesn’t mean much in the end because it can always be taken or fall apart. Side Note: I bet Baby won’t do that to one of those Bugattis….

B. Reason