The sweetest thing I’ve ever known was like a kiss on the collarbone. Funny how the weirdest spots we can think to kiss someone can provide the most erotic feelings right? The forehead, collarbone, behind the ear, waistline…  I know the mp3 below isn’t “The Sweetest Thing” but I was feeling the vibe more on this one. I was in a reggae mood this morning what can I say… #shrug
Bob Marley And The Wailers – Turn Your Lights Down Low (Featuring Lauryn Hill)

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Picture the setting, the morning sun peeking through the blinds and incense burning, with Ms Hill and Marley on rotation providing some mental stimulation. That special someone is just getting out of the shower, with nothing but a towel wrapped around them and smelling like bath and body works.. Now if you’re like me, i’m a sucker for good fragrances and cant help but to grab that towel and pull her in close and place a kiss on one of those aforementioned locations on her body. This the funny thing especially if she’s on her way to work, I’m gonna try my best to make her late… lol They’re either gonna brush it off and continue to get ready for work or give in and go with the flow and think of a great excuse to why they were late to work while taking that second shower. Depends on how convincing you are as to what choice they’re gonna make… Hope you have convincing lips, so you can make someone late to work today. Side Note: How late were you to work this morning and what was your excuse?

B. Reason