Damn it feels good outside… I can finally cut that A/C off and get Ameren off my back for a while (stick-up artists). Speaking of weather though, heading into fall means “Boo Season” right? You know that time of the year when you don’t mind falling asleep or waking up next to someone because it’s warm. In the house cooking dinner and “Redbox’n it” on the couch instead of heading out. The time of the year when the fellas start acting right and our heads quit swiveling towards every chick walking past in booty shorts or the ever deceptive sundress. It also seems to be when the ladies become a little bit more understanding and easier to co-habitat with probably because we’re not acting stupid (shrugs). Yea Yea Yea I know Hump Days are supposed to be about fun and games, but we’re also about building strong relationships whether those relationships are monogamous or “friendly” make sure that you’re clear with the person you’re dealing with. Not saying you gotta be that “One Woman Man” (or One Man Woman for the ladies) but be honest or that miscommunication will leave you pretty cold come winter. Side Note: Where Dave Hollister been? None of these STL promoters brought him to the Ambassador yet?

B. Reason