Good afternoon homies…So if you’re keeping track of the blog you know that last week I touched on finding that cuddle buddy for this upcoming fall/winter season we need to stay warm and entertained right?… Hopefully you took heed to the advice and are interviewing potential candidates especially on a rainy hump day like this, you don’t want to end up with a lackluster buddy this season do you? Here are a few things to consider during this important interview… Can you agree on what movies/channels to pass the day with, let’s be honest if their favorite flick is one of those wack movies that BET loves to play and you’re more of a Love Jones type on a day like this then ya’ll gonna have an issue. Another important issue is how well do ya’ll bodies fit together when spooning on the couch… Ever spent time with someone you just couldn’t get comfortable with because it just was an awkward fit or there just wasn’t enough couch cushions to support both ya’ll? Maybe you need a new couch too.. One other quick tip, can they bake/cook? Neither one of ya’ll are gonna want to leave the house especially on a day like this. Having someone that can get down in the kitchen is a huge plus and might help them earn a permanent position when spring rolls around (You’ll end up loving them like a fat kid loves cake, literally)… You may think that these issues are insignificant to think about when really the matter at hand is all about the “humping” in hump day right? No people these are really important, remember guys anything leading up to the actual moment of the “hump” is really considered foreplay. Foreplay is HUGE, never forget that… The way you interact with each other beforehand is gonna play a huge part in how big or significant the umm how should I say this “happy ending” is gonna be. We all like to have a good nap right? Lol I hope these tips help you choose wisely over the next couple weeks. Happy Hunting and Humping. Hump Day Song Dwele “Weekend Love” Side Note: Dont mind the title of the song… just listen….

B. Reason