Hump Day is among us Homies… Hope you’re doing it right…Song of the Day provide by Mos Def “The Panties” (below)
The power of words is something else… Seems funny how putting pen to paper, key strokes to pc, or even letting them simply flow out of your mouth can incite such emotions from a person. Words can mean so much and so little to a person. Me personally I love them, I get to play with them, work with them, and use them in such a way that it sparks something in a person’s everyday life. Well maybe not every day but at least on Hump Day right? Question, when is the last time that you wrote someone you cared about a note/letter letting them know how you feel? No I’m not talking about a text message after a drunken night out either, but an actual pen to pad note… Maybe even an email? Not lately huh? Here’s a challenge, leave a post it note for that special someone with some special words on it, put it in a place where they might find it. When they ask you about it later, look them right in the eye and say “I meant every word and I can show you better than I can tell you”.  Now hopefully those words you wrote were Hump Day related and not Dump Day related…. I’m  trying build relationships over here not wreck them…. lol Side Note: Seems like a good day to take a stroll and put some of those words to use…
B. Reason

Mos Def – The Panties mp3

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