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That weather switched around on us for real now, didn’t it? Bet you looking for that cuddle buddy now or at least a good space heater right? I heard WalMart got a sale on them, maybe you can find a “buddy” in that aisle too… Get a two for one special (Not really, please do not go looking for dates in Wally World).
Here it is the middle of the week, cold and rainy perfect weather for you know what… That’s right baking, lol. Shhh it’s one in the same, hear me out. This type of weather always reminds me of baking, not that I know how to do any but still. I think it has to do with the heat filling up the room when you spread open that oven door, or maybe its the aroma that those “sweet goodies” give off… (anybody picking up this allegory throwing down?) Like I was saying though, our Hump Day shenanigans and getting your Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines on can be one in the same. Think about the process of baking, first preparation, you gotta have the right ingredients and materials before you start(*Message) make sure everything right with yourself. It takes a little know how, no one wants a novice in the kitchen or bedroom right? A bit of experimenting, because doing the same thing over and over is gonna get boring you better keep some tricks up your sleeve. Hard work, if you ain’t kneading that dough right, that cake ain’t gonna climax(rise) right if you know what I mean. Time and patience, nothing comes quick and easy anymore does it? You gotta be willing to put in that time and work with it, kneading that dough and whipping that batter ain’t no punk. Well unless you got toys…a mixer, rolling pins, get your mind out the gutter, lol. Lastly you got to be willing to get your hands a little dirty at times, hell that self explanatory right? Oh yea also presentation, you eat with your eyes first, so if looks good it’ll taste good right? So where can I get some Brown Sugar at? Helpful hint, after you put those cookies, cakes, or whatever you’re making in the oven it usually takes sometime to finish right? Plenty of time to start caking with something else right? SideNote: Go Cards!!!

B. Reason