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First let me say I’m not a writer or journalist, but I do have some great thoughts and have a way breaking things down with words.  I wouldn’t want to disrespect those who earned degrees in the field by saying that I am. Second I don’t have a photography degree, but I do take dope photos that tell a story if you follow my vision, I’ve been doing so since ’95. I’m not a a chef but I get down in the kitchen and can tell you about some magically delicious spots to eat by your self or take a date to. I’m just saying take heed to the advice I throw out. You’ll benefit… Trust me. Let me tell you what I am though. I’m just a gentleman a father of one, who likes food, photography, music, and life. On any given day that’s what you will find here. The thing with the “About page” is that you’re writing them yourself. True I guess no one knows you better than yourself, but a person is only gonna let you in so far. I don’t think I’ve ever read an autobiography where the author has told his faults or short comings to the fullest extent… only their accomplisments. Here I am to tell you by no means am I perfect, I am not without fault. You wanna know more than that, come straight to the source. You most likely will find times where you may disagree with a post, which is great it sparks discussion, leave a comment on the post, facebook if we’re connected, you got my number text me. Wanna do business shoot me an email Brandon.Reason@gmail.com , I appreciate the interaction.

B. Reason