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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m nowhere near perfect. I don’t think I want to be, we all have flaws and quirks, learning to live with them is what makes us human. Learning to live with your mates imperfections is what L-O-V-E is all about. I’ve learned from past relationships what I did right and most definitely what I did wrong. If you’re anything like my better half you’re wondering what I did wrong in the past. I’ll tell you like I tell her “That’s neither here, nor there… Let’s move on”. An easy out. Knowing that someone has a past and still accepting them for who they and what they’re capable of is what love is about. So on this mid-day Hump Day Break when your mind is accepting the thought of being free from your workday, lets get those minds churning to some recreational activities.  How about some libations to get us in the move and give a toast to those who love us no matter what… Cheers 2 U

sidenote: The 90’s had some good RnB groups, what happened?

B. Reason