I haven’t always been the biggest 50 Cent fan… Yea I think Hip Hop needed him and G-Unit when they invaded to scene with mixtapes and changed how the cultures music has been marketed ever since. Plus at the time I was even less of a fan of Ja Rule, but that’s neither here nor there. I can’t really say I’m much more of a fan of his music now, but I definitely fuxwit the guy Curtis Jackson’s business acumen. I can only imagine how dude gets down in the boardroom, fugg a mixtape or album, that’s what I would pay to see/hear. 50 stopped by Power 105.1 Friday and spoke with The Breakfast Clubs DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne. For almost an hour they covered a number of topics, Chris Lightys’ death, why Chief Keef was offended by Lupe, Floyd Mayweather, and a couple other topics. What I like most is that you can tell dude isn’t bullshitting about anything and has put really great thought into his career moves and what words he chooses to use. If you have some time hit play on the video and watch. To believe dude was a menace when he entered the game with Get Rich or Die Trying and look how he took that and elevated status quo on what hustling in America can really help you obtain.

B. Reason