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I find it funny when people say that aren’t enough “Black” show on tv. Those same people say the same thing about music on the radio. I realized a long time ago, that those two outlets will never cater to the black demographic in a positive light. So just like my music, where I turn off the radio, I will also turn off the tv. Unless Sportscenter is on, or a couple other shows I like but you get the point. I’ve found a handful of shows that real people have produced themselves and instead of going through tv, uploaded them straight to the internet via youtube. As I find more I’ll post them but here are a couple for you to check out.

B. Reason

“The Couples”

In my opinion, this would be equivilant to the head wrap…

This is another funny one, why don’t women just get their own food, because they want yours… lol

“Awkward Black Girl”
She is already in season two, but here is the first episode..