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Unconventional Love... Through this journey we call life I would think that along the way you’ll have someone to lean on when the path gets rough. Likewise you’ll want someone to share those laughs with too. Meeting new couples and not only sharing stories of relationships but learning from them is one of the perks that my canon provides me. The other day I had the pleasure of photographing one of the coolest couples I’ve met thus far Rashad & Shalisa. One of the funny things about my job is trying to get people to “act natural” which is an oxymoron I know, but with this couple it only took me saying it once for them to get the hang of it. I even had to tell them a few times to stop it…lol One of the questions I ask while on a session
with a couple is where they. More times than not its usually through a mutual friend, this friend being the same one that referred them to me. So in my opinion that friend has exquisite taste, can’t be a coincidence. My second favorite is usually how did they propose. In all my time asking that, this is the first time it was told to me that she proposed. Yup you read that right she proposed, and get this… He said yes. I asked him if he felt she stole some of his thunder or took power away from him, “not at all” he said. In other words she knew what she wanted, and took control of her own destiny. Making it their destiny… In my generation it’s said “men shouldn’t be afraid to make a woman his wife”… but in life it’s a two-way street “women shouldn’t be afraid to make a man a husband either”… Which brings me to my point love is a powerful drug, find the right one and it could become addictive something that you just must have. No matter how unconventional the method you take to obtain it. Click the picture above to view their gallery

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