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Some people march to the beat of their own drum... others strut...

Some people march to the beat of their own drum, others strut…

When I rededicated myself to this craft, photography, there were a couple goals I wanted to make sure I accomplished. First and foremost was to make sure that when anyone left a session they felt like they were captured in the best light possible. (yea that pun was intended) Second, if i’m doing an interview I wanted to make sure that I was asking questions that let the interviewee’s (is that a word? I might need to be dinged) personality shine. I want the readers to get to know the person as well as know about I think there is a difference. Third to use these social outlets to inspire, educate, and promote good karma. There are a number of sites that will focus so much on the negative things that are going on, I feel that we should shout out the good that people are doing as well.

Ok, Ok so let me step down from my soapbox. Shout out to Dannie Cee for allowing to produce these lovely visuals. I love when a client exudes confidence it makes my job that much easier. It wasn’t her confidence in her “modeling” but just her confidence in herself that was awesome. If you ever take the chance to shoot with me, you’ll find that I’m going to ask you questions. It’s not because I want to be nosey (well maybe it is…i’m kidding) but really I just want to get to know you so that I can tell your story through my lens. Dannie is one of those people that had no problem with me prying a bit into her life from her quirky style to her biting her Grannies style via vintage clothing…lol Having confidence in yourself is probably one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal, no one can ever take it from you. Its one of those weapons that someone will detect before you even open your mouth, how you say? They can see it in your strut… To see more from this shoot click here

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